The story map below is an interactive way to learn more about historical vulnerabilities to flooding in Vinton, as well as ways the community is making efforts to become more resilient. Because the causes and effects of flooding are so complex, visualizing them in relation to Vinton can be difficult. Using this tool, you can see more clearly how the town’s layout affects flood impacts, locate your own residence within the flood plain, and spot areas of town that you could help increase in resilience!



Benton County Emergency Management

Benton County Emergency Management is a coordinated effort involving local, state, and federal government agencies as well as volunteer organizations and businesses.

Benton County‚Äč Disaster Recover Coalition

Benton County Disaster Recovery Coalition, a 501c3 organization, assists disaster-impacted families in meeting unmet needs so they can move forward again.


Raindrop Flow Tracker

The raindrop flow tracker on the Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS) interactive map allows you to click anywhere to see the path a raindrop would take over the terrain if it were to fall there. It can help make sense of what areas of town might be affected most depending on where the rain falls.
To use the tool, click the toolbox icon on the right-hand menu of the map, and then select the check-box for Raindrop Tracker.

Stream Gauge Function

The stream gauge function on the IFIS interactive map allows users to view stream gauges and their data throughout the state of Iowa. This includes the gauge located at the Highway 150 bridge over the Cedar River.
Click on any of the stream gauge icons to see its gauge height.

Rain Gauge Function

The rain gauge function on the IFIS map allows users to access the data of official local rain gauges.
Click on any of the rain gauge icons when this function is enabled to see a reading of daily rainfall.